High Quality Drapery, Upholstery and More in Lexington, KY

Improve the look of your home with a touch of grace and style by Rag Peddler Fabrics. We specialize in high-quality drapery and upholstery fabrics to help bring out your home's elegance and beauty. From pillows and bedding to window coverings, we can help you bring color and life to every room in your home.
We have countless yards of a variety of gorgeous fabrics in stock. Regardless of style or budget, your choices are unlimited.


Chair Bottoms (1/2 yd)$45
Boxed (1/2 yd) $55
Seat & Back Only (2-3 yds) $175-$225
Parson's Chair $225-$250
Ottoman (skirted) (3 yds)$200-$250
Ottoman (top only)$4.50 per inch
Cushion (new) $2.50 per inch
Occasional Chair (4-5 yds) $275-$295
Wingback (7 yds)$350
Chaise Lounge (9 yds)$395-$450
Club Chair (7-9 yds)$350-$375
Camel Back $550
Love Seat $450-$550
Sofa $675-$750


With our custom upholstery service, you can have furniture tailored to match an existing style or make old furniture look new again.

Custom Headboards


Twin Full, Queen, King
Recover Existing $200 $400
New, Corded
Any Shape


Yardage 3 yards 4 yards

With Nail Head Trim add $100
With Tufting add $100
Headboards - Lexington, Kentucky - Rag Peddler Fabrics